Thank you

David Poole
12 Impasse St Benoit

August 18th

Hello again,
At the end of October 2019 I closed my driving school marketing business.
While I continued to support some schools who were existing clients, I stopped taking on new clients.

Previously, you and I had an agreement where I created you a website and hosted it for free on my server.
Since leaving the driving school industry I have continued to host your website for free, but now that must come to an end.
I will be making changes from October 1st 2020 and the following are your options.

1. We can just delete the website – no fee

2. You can continue to have your website hosted on my server. £10 per month to cover my admin charges.
I will not be carrying out any work on your website or making any updates, or help given.
You will receive the login details.  TO TAKE THIS OPTION CLICK HERE

3. You can receive a copy of your website and have your domain name unlocked, so you can take your website and domain to use elsewhere.
I will not provide any further assistance than that – The fee is just £50 to cover my admin charges.

my contact details
Please contact me if you would like either service 1 or 2 after you have made your payment, then I will be able to provide correspondence.

I would like to thank you for your previous custom.
My SEO customers are not affected by this.
And I would like to wish you all the best for your future.

Yours David