ADI Summit 2017
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The Only ADI Conference Focused On Developing Your Business
Where All Ticket Sales Go To Charity

A “personlised” summit for you…

Attending a summit, conference, workshop or expo can give you a lot of food for thought, and lots of golden nuggets, but that is not enough for us. We want you to answer the number one question you have in your business right now.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Attend the summit with a question which is personal to you and your business and get it answered on the day. We promise you it will be more effective than any other approach, just take a look at the testimonials from the first summit.


Speaker 1. Bev Slater
Title: The Law Of Attraction







For those of you who want to build a driving school, Bev Slater gives you a warts and all insight into what has has made her driving school business and instructors successful. Bev has recruited, trained and retained ADIs for over 13 years, much of that time she has been able to charge a premium price for her services while the ADIs have been able to enjoy strong profits.
You will be able to listen to Bev, and ask her questions in the 2nd part of her talk so you can develop a better understanding, personalised to what you need to learn. The aim of the presentation is you for to be able to answer the question “How do I create a really good driving school?”


Speaker 2. Lou Walsh
Title: Seeing Out A Dream


You will have all seen the glossy, happy side of the Big Learner Relay, however there is also a serious side and Lou will outline the hidden success factors with BLR that can be used by any driving instructor to take their business to the next level. From having a dream, to sticking to your guns, bringing people together and sharing your goals, you will really enjoy what Lou has to deliver.


Speaker 3. David Poole
Subject: £50 an HOUR…and much more!

“Turning Driving Lessons Into A DESIRED Personalised Service”

For those of you lucky enough to charge £30 an hour, I think it is great.
I cant wait until £30 is the minimum standard but when you come to the ADI Summit January I am going to show you how a number of ADIs I am working with have been able to raise their prices from just an extra £5 an hour on top of their existing rate – right up to charging £50 an hour. And try telling me you don’t deserve a crack at £50 an hour.emilien-and-david

Some people are going to look at this statement and throw mud at it, others will guess, but if you want to know the strategy of turning driving lessons into a desired service that learners drivers really want to get their hands on, and to have the ability to charge up to £50 an hour, then you have to come to the ADI Summit.

Nothing is impossible.
Set the dreams, create the road map and get to where you want.
( Ps due to Emiliens commercial commitments, it is just going to be me lol)

Speaker 4. Guest Presenter
Subject: Sales Orientated

More information to be supplied shortly (keeping you guessing)

Speaker 5. Mark Llewhellin
Subject: Personal Motivation Orientated

How to describe Mark and what he is going to bring to the table…
Working in business can be lonely yet the opportunities in front of us can be outstanding, Mark is going to use his experience to help us all in his motivational speech.

So why should we look to Mark for motivation and leadership, what has he done?

Ran 1620 miles from Denver to San Francisco
Ran over 130 miles in the Sahara Desert
Broke 100 Kilometre Treadmill World Record

Marks achievements have allowed him to interview other truly wonderful high achievers
take a look at his website 
He has recently interviewed Sir Ranulph Finnes, Levi Roots, and Colin Jackson.

In short, he has tonnes of determination, he has done the unthinkable, he is being recognised by household names and being allowed to interview them for his tips on success. This is a must watch!

Speaker 6. Graham Hooper
Subject: What makes you a successful adi? (What do I really do?)

In order to progress there is nothing like looking at yourself in the mirror and working out just where you are in life and in business, then asking the questions “Is this where I want to be?”  And “What do I really to?”
Graham is going to look at you personally define success, what is important for you and how you can make the difference you really desire.

At business events you have a lot of speakers telling you what’s best, well Graham is turning that on its head and making this truly unique to you by getting you to ask what is right for yourself. For anyone involved in business or self development then you have to listen to this presentation that will get you scribbling down lots of notes.


Bring Your Question
We were left with stacks of testimonials last year because we set every delegate the challenge of getting their most important business question answered – and they did!

You will have the opportunity of not only taking on board information you just can’t get anywhere else, but also you can meet the speakers 121. Furthermore… we are hand picking trade stands, each trade stand has been selected in order to be able to help you with your business question.

So what is the most important question you need answering?
Get it answered at the ADI Summit

Event Location

Trade Stands
The summit makes zero profit from trade stand sales and you will be requested to make a donation to our nominated charity Speed of Sight As a trade stand you are there to support the delegates who will be attending the event with a question about their business, and it is their aim to either answer the question or get much closer to the answer.

So what do you get out of that?
Rather than just sitting behind your stand saying hello and hoping someone talks to you and buys, people will be actively engaging with you which will help you build up a client relationship, giving you a better opportunity of working with more driving schools in the long run.

Polite Notice:
It is first come first served for each niche, therefore one lease hire company, one insurer etc and you need to be engaging, helpful and considerate about the needs of business.

For more information, please contact David on 0115 714 2229

Portland College is a more
Why This Venue..?

Their mission statement reads asTo maximise the ability and minimise the effects of disability of students through the provision of opportunities for learning in an inclusive specialist residential environment giving individuals empowerment through employment, independence and integration.”

Apart from the excellent facilities offered by Portland College working with the college and having our event hosted with them was a no brainer. The halls are immaculate, the people are just amazingly friendly, the work they do to help others is superb, and they are a charity. The fee we paid, along with the drinks and food made available for you to purchase on the day all goes to their charity. Just awesome!

Food And Drink
Last year we offered nothing to you because all the proceeds went to charity, this year food is available…and yummy food at that!
Portland College has an excellent catering department and they will be cooking breakfast and lunch at a very reasonable price. Of course, for every meal you buy, all the proceeds go to their charity.

We are told that breakfast will be things like bacon and sausage cobs etc.
Oh yes “a cob” thats the real word for roll, bap, barn cake lol
Expect to pay around £3

Lunch, well they haven’t decided that yet but they were talking about pies, lasagnes etc.
They said it would be around a fiver. Not bad hey!

Drinks – tea and coffee is available all day.

Trade Stand and Sponsor – Alloygators

Trade Stand and Sponsor – Tri-Coaching
driving school websites

Date: Sunday January 29th 2017
Location: Portland College, Mansfield
Time: Early doors registration for a 9:30am start
Entry Fee: £17

Please see their video below

Number of Tickets
Number of Tickets
Number of Tickets