Become A Driving Instructor

a-ha… You have been mulling over the question “Should I become a driving instructor?”
While it is a great choice of career for many people, for others the training and qualifying may not bring the lifestyle imagined and hoped for. This article is going to help you uncover questions you may have never thought about while giving you a balanced and unbiased assessment of the driving school profession.

For The Moment Forget About Wanting To Become A Driving Instructor

The easiest mistake for many people to make is to go looking for driving instructor training, with respect once you start doing that it puts you into a buying zone before you have properly conducted any research. There are lots of training establishments who want to meet people with the desire of becoming a driving instructor, but it’s too soon, you really ought to dig deep and works out if this career could work for you.

So What Does It Take To Become A Driving Instructor And Have You Got That In Your Locker?

A great place to start is to look at the end, what does a driving instructor do?
It is in fact far more than enjoy driving and helping others to do the same, your goal is to create people into safe drivers but there are so many facets to the business. Firstly you need to be able to run a business, this is not a job and pupils don’t appear from thin air. Many driving instructors will say you need to be a good listener as many of your customers will share personal, confidential information. And while you could be led to believe the job is far from boring, you are very much alone, going from one customer to the next. It means you need to be self-motivated and have that “get up and go” attitude.

When you consider training could cost you 9 months of your life and £3K of your cash, this needs serious consideration.
What skills do you currently have that match the skills of the instructor?
Do you realise this is more than just about training to become a driving instructor it’s about you, your personality and how you adapt to the requirements?

What has been highlighted so far is just the tip of the iceberg and you may want to consider joining driving instructor training forums so you can get an insight of what is required.

If You Really Want To Become A Driving Instructor, Do Your Research First

There are a number of ways you can get an insiders look into the life of an instructor.

1. You could speak to a local instructor and ask about the possibility of work shadowing for a day by sitting in the back and observing
2. There are many forums for driving instructors on Facebook where you can see what is happening and ask questions.
3.Go to your local driving test centre, and ask if the manager will share some of their knowledge with you.
4. Go to a local association meeting

None of those 4 steps will break the bank, in fact, most will be free for you and they offer a totally different perspective than a driver training company selling courses. You are going to find out lots of information, for example, the hours you work. Many people working evening and weekends because their clients are at work or college during the day.

What Does It Cost To Become A Driving Instructor?

Different companies offer different deals, so as an example, a national driving school may offer you a finance package and they may offer to pay back your training fees if you take up their franchise. Other schools can charge £35 to £50 an hour depending upon experience and qualifications.

So What Next?

Assuming you are liking the idea, you still do not have to fully commit to anything. Perhaps the right idea for you is to book in some advanced driving lessons with a driver trainer. You do not have to explain why, all that you are doing is improving your skills, understanding how good you are at the moment and importantly you are being a learner. Despite not being the educator, you are putting yourself into a learning environment…do you like it?

Furthermore, you can also apply to the DVSA for your part 1 training which you can study and pass by yourself without any support from any training company. Here is a great link for you to visit it’s the official website. Before you can start your training you need a DBS certificate.

Well, there you have it.
A different perspective on what you may have already witnessed.
All the best to your future career!

part 2 driving instructor test


How To Become A Driving Instructor

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Driving InstructorAny driving instructor can train you and budget prices tend to start at £35 an hour for 121 training.
Become A Driving Instructor For FreeThere are certain organisations who may be able to help you towards the cost of training, contacting your local employment agency is a good start to see if you are applicable.
How Much Do Driving Instructors Earn?A driving instructor will charge somewhere between £22 and £35 an hour for driving lessons and depending upon costs and lessons given they could earn between £10 and £25 an hour.
How Long Does It Take To Become A Driving Instructor?For a very quick pass, assuming you can book early tests it is possible to train and qualify in around 3 months, however it is more likely to take 6 to 9 months. People who go on a trainee licence will usually take between 9 and 18 months.
How Do You Become A Driving Instructor?There are currently 3 examination you need to pass to become a driving instructor, these are known as part one, part two and part three.
What Is The Average Salary Of A Driving Instructor?Based on £25 an hour, 40% attributed to overheads, and working 40 hours a week, you can expect to earn around £30k a year
How To Become A Self Employed Driving Instructor?Anyone entitled to work can be self employed, but to become a driving instructor you need to…
part 2 driving instructor test