Part 2 Driving Instructor Test

You have passed your part one advanced theory and ready to make a great start on passing your part 2 driving instructor test. Many people are just like you and will attempt to pass the part 1 on their own as it really is all about self study and if you are unsure about anything, answers to questions can be quickly found.

However training for the part 2 is a different kettle of fish entirely. While you will want to practice your skills when you are out driving…even to the shops, you are going to need training, that can be online, one to one with an instructor or both. There is a tendancy for people to use online training along side 121 tuition and with the right course and trainer it can be a great method to help you develop your skills. The ability to watch, and re watch training videos is very valuable.

MAJOR WARNING – Be Careful of Alphabet Training – 90% FAILURE Rate

It is estimated that around 90% of people are failing to achieve their goal of becoming a driving instructor and this appalling level of failure has been similar year in, year out, for a very long time. A huge part of the issue is to what I refer to as “Alphabet Training”

Many ADI trainers offering ADI part 2 training will teach you in a way a child is taught the alphabet, you know, a,b c,d,e,f etc.
That style of teaching encourages you to memorize a question and the answer, which is fine until you are asked to solve a problem…
So, what are you going to do when the examiner asks “what should have happened?” “How could that have been done differently?” “How would you rate that?” “What are your thoughts concerning..?”  When you go through Alphabet Training and you are asked questions like this, that is when you become unstuck.

For The Part 2 Driving Instructor Test Training
I Recommend The Tri Coaching Partnership.

The Tri Coaching Partnership help you in a different way, rather than using the analogy of the alphabet I prefer to use the analogy of spelling. You are no longer committing to memory a question and answer but now have the skills to work out answers. Therefore when the examiner asks you a question which requires some thought, and not just a memory quiz, you have every chance of meeting the standard required to pass become a driving instructor.

To find out more about their online instructor training click here
For the full instructor training program to include all tests, online training an 121 training click here

ADI Part 2 Training – Notes

1. ADI test part 3
This test can only be completed once the part 2 has been passed

2. ADI part 2 show me tell me questions
Your trainer will support you on this and it is advised you are aware of how to undo the bonnet especially on a car you may not have driven before, you know what manufacturers are like for moving the opener!

3. ADI part 2 car requirements
The DVSA set out the rules here

4. ADI part 2 test tips
Please use the link at the top of the page provided by The Tri Coaching Partnership.

5. ADI part 2 test route
Training for the test routes is very unlikely to help you pass the ADI Part 2 test and perhaps more likely to help you fail.

6. ADI part 2 test centres
This will depend upon availability of senior examiners, please check with you local centre.

7. ADI part 2 manoeuvres
Your trainer will be the best go to person for this question.

8. ADI part 2 pass rates
The overall pass rate to become a driving instructor is around 10% please see the comments made on “Alphabet Training” and the associated problems.

part 2 driving instructor test

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part 2 driving instructor test