This is just a temporary page for my summit deal so please excuse the lack of design
I have two offers for you.

OFFER 1. SEO your website. £1 for the first month and then £160 there after.
WARNING. This is a first come first served basis, I only accept one client per area so you need to subscribe now.

a) subscribe
b) email me at david@davidpooleandassociates.com with your area, phone number and website
c) if you are the first for that area to subscribe we can continue the services
d) if you are not the first for the area, I will not be able to continue the services but I will provide seo for the first month only as a gesture of goodwill.

OFFER 2. You can buy my website and have this design which is used by Kevin Graham www.kevingrahamdrivertraining.co.uk (Kevin’s free guide is not included, it is something extra through a third party company, I can install it for you it costs $19 a month) you can also find him by typing into Google “driving lessons carlisle” This website has helped Kevin now reach £32 an hour which is about £5 above the local average, he also has a 2 month waiting list. That £5 an hour difference is worth about £10k profit a year. Kevin is at the summit.

My offer is the price of £847 is split into 2 payments, one today and a second payment one month later plus you will get a bonus of 1 months SEO worth £160 as a special offer gift.
Once you have purchased the website please email me at david@davidpooleandassociates with your business phone number, address, logo if you have one, 2 preferred colours for the site, and at first up to 5 or 6 photos.
Payment 1 £443.50
Payment 2 £443.50 (1 month later)
Payment 3 £160 for seo if selected (1 month later)

These special offers are only available to summit delegates only and closes on January 30th.
I did the same last year.

You will receive a reply from me in the first week of February,
Websites have a target completion date of the second week of March
SEO starts in the first week of February

I will not be making this offer again.
The SEO is a first come first served basis
The website is a limited design and restricted to a number of driving schools in the event someone in your area has the same design, then colours, logos, photos etc will create a totally different look and feel.